Procrastinating or just lazy?

Planning to develop other hobby than sleeping and thinking about problems is exhausting to start. I want to develop something that i can take my mind of things but how can I if doing or planning those things exhaust me.

Exercising is essential if you want a healthy lifestyle and if you want to gain proper balance well-being. They say, eating healthy food is healthy but it is still not enough if you don’t exercise. Doing a daily routine exercise can ease the tired muscles and stock veins to feel active.

I feel exhausted ever-since I know the word. I feel that doing some stretching will do the trick however, it is still a planned. Now it comes to this point that i don’t have money to pay for the gym because i already spend it in eating and shopping some dress. My body aches, muscles and more. My brain keeps thinking stupid stuff and stupid people (those who cause me more stress) and what they did to me.

Crossing my fingers to pursue it next month or hopefully this month if money is available. This time I would not hesitate even if I have to go there alone.

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