Plan that never push through: Starting all over again

Yeah! I keep telling myself since I don’t know when that I will be doing something different. Doing a different routine because I need diversion in everything. But until now I am still in a planing stage. I already found a gym that has lower monthly fee but that problem now a days is that I don’t have money to pay for it. My little income before is being lower down to nothing.

I really wanted to make a different in my life and I can only think it would be yoga or going to the gym. So, I found this affordable (for me) here in gensan. I still have to gather my strength to enroll myself because seems like I am the only who wanted to do yoga. I invited few of my new friends in school but I think they don’t find it interesting enough maybe because they are already busy with their married and busy life. Well, as for me. since I don’t have family of my own and don’t have job as well, I find it interesting especially yoga. Because I have a chaotic mind and life at the moment. Never intended it or dreamed of it… it just happen.

So, about the new yoga class I found here in gensan, I went there few days ago and it is an acceptable amount since I don’t have regular income. They accept yoga class , P100.00 per session if you don’t want to apply for monthly but if you want they charge P800.00 for yoga but if you want to use all the equipment in the gym like treadmill or you want to also to attend zumba or try the boxing (included the yoga) their monthly charge is P1300.00. For me it is an acceptable price since I never ask other gym around gensan city. I just search them in google and I really want to try yoga. So if you happen to stop by here i gensan and very active in yoga or going to gym, why not visit wildcard gym of the boxing champ Manny Paquiao here in gensan, located infront of SM.

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