5 Early Warning Signs of a Declining Brain

Just think, are you experiencing any of these 5 Early Warning Signs of a Declining Brain?

**Forgetting where you’ve put things, names, faces, or important due dates and appointments
**Difficulty remembering conversations you recently had, or things you just read
**Stopping mid-sentence, forgetting what you wanted to say
**Stumbling on words, suffering from lapses in concentration and being “scatter brained”
**Experiencing regular “brain fog”, where you often can’t think clearly or your thought process is slowed and murky

I just read this article (from bio trust nutrition) today when I open my inbox. Actually, it’s quiet alarming and familiar I may say. I am experiencing these 5 warning signs of a declining brain, woahh scary!!! What should I do now? I’ve been on and off online and this past couple of years i had neglected all my blogs. I decided to get back to it last month and I have been trying my hardest to update every one of them. I knew that my brain is deteriorating and not as it used to be (10 years ago), and I blamed it to depression, unemployment, stress and Kdrama or tv shows.

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